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Escrow Process

While the escrow process is often managed by an escrow officer, we as the realtors pay a highly important role in ensuring that the process progresses smoothly.



Act as intermediaries between buyers, seller, lenders, escrow officers, inspectors, appraisers, and any other relevance parties, ensure that all parties are kept informed and updated throughout the escrow process.



Assist our clients to provide all required paperwork for the escrow process.


Inspections and due diligence

Coordinate property inspections and ensure that necessary repair or negotiations are carried out as per the inspection results.


Appraisal process

Provide comparable property information to appraisers to support the property’s value during the appraisal process.


Title insurance

Work with title company to ensure that the title is clear and can be transferred without any issues.


Loan processing

Coordinate with lenders to make sure the loan process is moving forward as scheduled.



Cooperate with both buyers and sellers to reach mutual agreement if any issues arise during the escrow process.


Closing preparation

Collaborate with both escrow officers and clients to ensure that all required documents are in place for a smooth and timely closing.


Final walk through

Conduct final walk-through of the property before closing to ensure the property is in the agreedupon condition and that any required repairs have been completed.


Post-closing assistance

Continue to provide support for any post-closing matters or questions that my arise.