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Guam attracts a lot of overseas investors due to higher return on investment. The lower property tax VS. higher rental income profit is the main factor. The military presence brings a stable and consistent flow of military personnel, defense contractors, and related businesses to the island. This drives demand for housing and rental properties, making real estate investment increasingly attractive.


The following four key factors are considered mostly by the investors.

  Economic Resilience

  Strategic Location

  Globally Connected

  Incentive Programs – Qualifying Certificate (QC) Tax Benefit Program


We provide the following guidance and support throughout the investment process.

Investment strategy:

Understand client’s investment goals, risk tolerance, and preferred investment strategies.


Market analysis:

Provide in-depth market analysis including property values, rental yields, ROI and local market trends. The clients can make the decision if the ROI matches their financial goals.


Property research:

Help our clients find the properties aligning with their investment strategy and financial goals.


Investment financing:

Provide referrals to mortgage lenders who specialize in investment property financing.


Rental income analysis

Help clients assess rental income and evaluate rental market demand in the area.



With our intensive knowledge and experience we can effectively negotiate the price on behalf of the clients to achieve the possible best price.


Escrow closing process:

Work with title company closely to ensure the whole escrow closing process is completed smoothly and timely.



Help the buyers renovate the property and maximize the rental profit.


Property management:

Provide the property management for our clients to ensure the property condition is well maintained and rental income is secured.


Network and resources:

Our extensive networks include contractors, appraisers and other professionals who can contribute to successful investments.


On-going support

Continue to provide the support to our clients if needed.